"Your band made all the difference in our wedding. After the wedding cordinator lost it, we didn't know what to do. Then you stepped in and took over. We thank you so much for helping make our day special."

Linda Kassen


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Do you worry your wedding dance music will be boring and your guests will want to go home early?

Getting the right wedding dance music for your reception is sometimes overlooked. Have you ever been to a wedding reception where there is no energy and everyone wants to go home? We have. It’s absolutely draining and boring. And one reason it happens is because the live band or DJ is playing the wrong music. They aren’t sensitive to you and your wedding guests. They don’t pay attention to how the event is going. They just continue to play what they want to play. This is awful. We’ve been to many wedding receptions in Southern California and we know from experience that if the right songs aren’t played, the energy sucks right out of the room.

This is why it’s critical to get a wedding music band that understands your needs and has the experience behind it to propel your wedding into the event you want it to be. We use a set list that works for every wedding we’ve ever played no matter where the audience’s interests lie.

Spintown has many years of playing weddings in Southern California and we know very well how to make weddings happen. Don’t take a chance on an unknown band or DJ. Make your wedding an event to remember and hire the professional live musicians of Spintown. Let us take over the musical direction of your wedding and put your mind at ease. With Spintown in control you have one less thing to worry about.

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People at weddings, parties and corporate events often ask us questions about the guitars we play, drums we use and ask questions about other equipment live musicians for hire use. There is so much equipment to talk about we decided to tell anyone who wants to know about it here on our website.

If you are a player or just curious, you can save time, money and maybe save yourself from getting the wrong piece of gear by learning from our experience.

Read the music gear reviews and get our opinions on the equipment we use now plus what we've worked with before. We’ll also tell you where you can find it online at good prices.

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