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The corporate event entertainment that Spintown provides will solve your live music worries.

Spintown is corporate event entertainment and more. This live music band not only specializes in corporate entertainment and private parties but also supplies wedding dance music for many wedding receptions in Southern California, Las Vegas, Palm Springs and San Diego.

Whether you are planning a wedding, corporate event or private party it can be a big undertaking and very stressful. There are so many things to deal with and think about. You will have to consider such things as: Where the event is going to take place – venues, halls, and convention centers. Food - caterers. Decorations - flowers, centerpieces. Where people will sit and dine - tables, chairs, stools, etc. Liquor – What to serve at the bar. And of course music for cocktails, entrances, special dances and wedding dance music.

Many people don’t realize how critical music is to the success of any event. It sets the mood, tone and pace of the entire event. If it’s not right, everyone will know. They will feel it in their souls. And a live music band like Spintown makes a huge difference to the energy in a room. I’ve been to weddings where people leave right after dinner because the music going into the celebration part of the reception didn’t move them. There was no energy so people left. I’ve been to parties where a DJ didn’t play the right stuff so people began to go home. This is a problem and this is where the band Spintown comes in. We don’t allow people to wander off because we engage them with our energy, pacing and good strong song selection. People can feel the room energy and they revel in it.

Don’t make the mistake of getting a lackluster band or DJ and end up killing your party. Don’t risk that because you know you’ll be sorry later. If you are going to do an event, do it right.

The Spintown band solves your event music fears and woos by providing you with the following:

The band has numerous years of professional musician experience. Combined we have played thousands of events in Southern California and elsewhere. We know exactly what we are doing and we show up on time, which a lot of musicians don’t do.

Flexibility. We can play dinner cocktail music as well as dance, disco, rap, new wave, alternative, rock and funk music.

We show sensitivity to your needs. We listen to you and help you fulfill your event vision. We’ll make suggestions and help guide you if you need help. We will also honestly tell you if we don’t feel we fit what you are looking for and make suggestions to you of other bands you might consider.

We offer a strong set list of proven crowd pleasing songs.

Spintown will kick your event into high gear to leave you and your guests with a lasting impression. With Spintown at the entertainment controls you have a band you can count on and that leaves you with one less thing to worry about as you plan your event.

Contact us today for booking information or to answer any further questions you may have.

Also, check out our articles for tips and suggestions to help you achieve a successful wedding, corporate event or private party.

Support "Live Music". We musicians have practiced many years to get this good. Let us share our Art and talent with you.




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